I've partnered up with my friend Sam Irwin, a fellow 2nd AC to be able to offer a wider range of cables.

If you need a custom cable making then please get in touch using the below form to receive a quote.  

Note that the turnaround for certain cables can be anywhere from 2-3 weeks as connectors aren't always stocked.

Also note that discounts will be made available for bulk orders, prices below are for individual cables.

Power Cables:

3, 4 or 5 pin XLR - Prices from £39.00
2 pin lemo - Prices from £55.00
3 pin Fischer (RS) - Prices from £69.00
Tv Logic - Prices from £40.00

Small HD 702 Touch - Safety jack style power with RS - £100.00

Motor cable - Prices from £110.00
Power cables - Prices from £55.00

Camera power run for MDR3 - £115.00 Straight connector (MDR end) - £130.00 right angle
Handset to cineRT high bright charging cable - £65.00 straight connector from handset - £80.00 for right angle.

Handset to cineRT high bright charging cable - £130.00

Cinetape to LCube cable - £120.00


Power cables - Prices from £55.00
CineRT MDR serial cable to LCube converter cable - £110.00
CineRT MDR serial cable to Alexa EXT adapter - £105.00

Analog cable for DMF to control zoom motor with DMF through MDR3 - £115.00



D-Tap/2pin voltmeter and USB charging output - Prices: £40.00 - D-Tap / £51.00 - 2 pin

For everything BNC related check these guys out!


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