LMB-25 Side Flags

LMB-25 Side Flags

Neat, quick and tidy way to add side chops to a LMB-25.

Comes unassembled. Once assembled they attach to the top chop and velcro along the edge of the mattebox.  

Material: Anodized Matte Black Aluminium - Both Sides.

Can be engraved with various information at no extra charge - contact us.


Assembly Instructions:

  1.  Add 2x strips of 25mm velcro (soft) along the edges of the top chop.
  2. Using 2x strips of 50mm velcro (hard) overlap aprox. 20mm along the inside edges of the side chops.
  3. Using 2x strips of 50mm velcro (soft) overlap the outside of the chops as required and cut off any excess.
  4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 for the other side flag.


Note: the velcro bonds well to the metal but do make sure the metal is clean of any residue prior to application. When I made mine I used some 3M double sided tape underneath my velcro (attached to the metal) then heated slightly - havent had any peeling issues over weeks of wet weather usage during the past year. 

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