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Since the majority of customers that I deal with are friends and fellow AC’s working in the industry, I’ve decided to trial a kind of rewards scheme. I’m making almost all of the items listed on the website myself and because there aren’t any third party/middlemen costs it allows me to keep my prices low. While I could go a lot lower on certain items if I do I could then potentially be interfering with other industry people’s side businesses, which is not my intention.

Here is an example of the rewards scheme: Say you get production to order 4x Printed graphics medium boards for a job.

My charge is as per the website - £50 a board; you the AC ask production for £60 a board, or alternatively what you think the item is worth/what they are willing to spend.

If production agrees to the price you have proposed, I’ll work out the difference (for the above example 4x £10 = £40) and then you can spend that £40 worth of credit on anything in

Now I think that's a pretty good deal! Just to make it a deal and a half, I'll throw in a 10% bonus so that £40 becomes £44.

Why? Well the way I see it is you’re essentially distributing my products to productions for me, which has value. You are also probably designing the clapperboard layout in your own time and I think it is only fair that you get a piece of the pie.

Always fancied some new filter tags? Perhaps a nice set of hardwood sticks that you couldn't justify the cost? Now you can.

If you've accumulated say £25 worth of store credit and an item is £40, you can also pay the difference - £15 via PayPal or any other method and get the £40 item for essentially £15.

Perhaps I’m wrong but I think this is a great way to give back to fellow AC’s. Quite often we end up purchasing filter tags and the likes of out of our own pockets for jobs as productions don't include them in the consumables list and what not.

From a business point of view it’s the equivalent of shooting a chunk of my profits in the foot, but I’m primarily an AC and I run this website as a way to fill in time between jobs and in my spare time.

I’d much rather have happy customers and friends than a few extra quid in my pocket.

Any questions feel free to contact me ;) 


* This offer is site wide and not limited to solely printed graphics boards. Another example is if you can get £1.20 each from production for 100 filter tags, again I'll work out the difference and credit you that;

Current filter tag price: £1x100=£100 - Price you've managed to get from production: £1.20x100=£120.00. +10% Bonus = £22 store credit for you.

It will also run in conjunction with any promo codes & special offers

* Just a polite request, it crossed my mind that some please might go overcharging productions for certain items..

Please don't do that lol. If they arent willing to pay more for printed graphics boards and what not that's fine, I'll probably throw a bunch of freebies your way anyhow ;) 

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