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Custom Boards - Turnaround Time

We aim to have custom boards (including graphic boards) made and shipped within a week of the purchase date.

Please do understand that we work in the industry outside of this store and turn-around times can vary. Usually boards are completed within 2-3 days but we cant always guarantee that. 

International orders:

Yes, shipping to places outside of the UK is not a problem.

Please contact us prior to placing an order via the 'contact' section for an accurate shipping cost. 

Returns & Refunds

In the unlikely event an item arrives damaged or an error has occurred, get in touch and we'll sort it out!

If there are any other issues, again, drop us a line and we'll do our best.

Can we price match?



All of the items that are listed on the website are made using the absolute highest quality of materials that are available.

Filter tags, Peli labels and the likes of are waterproof, UV protected (no colour fading) chip resistant and are designed to last.

Colour combinations that are available for the following:

Filter tags, Peli tags, Lens Tags, Camera ID tags, Standard Lens Tags, Monitor tags, Focus stars, Peli Organizing tags

Text colours: White, Black, Red, Blue, Copper, Grey, Green, Yellow

On any of the following coloured materials: White, Black, Red, Blue, Mirror, Lilac, Green, Yellow, Orange, Brass (Metal)


Black Text on Brushed Radiant Silver (Metal effect)

Black Text on Brushed Radiant Gold (Metal Effect)

Black Anodized Aluminium (Engraves as Silver Text on Black)

The above are the options that we have in stock, although more colour combinations can be achieved - contact us if you have any questions.

Alternatively to the above options there is also the full colour printed option - in which case any colour combination is possible.

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