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Transparent Focus Star

Transparent Focus Star

Long Verson:

You've spent 10 minutes setting up for a 'walk in' shot and now the talents gone for a quick iced matcha green tea latte with sprinkles on top and a ciggy.

DP's asked to move camera a 'foot' to the left, you need to adjust your sharps on the mark thats down, its a tight shot and its also wide open. The operator wants a bit of practise too. Get your 2nd AC to use his personal C stand (arm) and hold this bad boy in place and voilla, you can just pull through it to far and close focus.  

Short Version:

Its a transparent focus star.


V1 Size: 100x100mm with rounded corners - fits nicely into conterra pouch or belt pouches.

V2 fits nicely onto the back of a tiny sized board but works well with a c stand/clamp combination in front of a testing chart too.

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