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Custom TV-Logic 056W Aluminium Hood

Custom TV-Logic 056W Aluminium Hood

Comes in 3 parts unassembled. Add velcro and gaffer on the joints and you've got a nice sturdy monitor hood.

Can be engraved with your name, number, company logo etc. Contact me with relevant information.

Material is Aluminium which is anodized matte black on both sides to reduce reflections.


* Can be made to custom sizes or for different monitors - Contact me


* I always found the standard hoods - fabric ones with bungee fasteners, to be good but a little bit flimsy at times, especially in heavy wind; this being made from aluminium it makes it alot sturdier. Assuming you've got velcro around all sides of your monitor, it wont slide off or anything. TLDR: I think its cleaner, alot stronger and faster to throw on and off the monitor than the bungee version.

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